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(Quote Coming Later)

(OOC Note: As soon as Lachlan's player can get me the log, I'll be posting it the news story Jenny wrote)

Zach's God knows where. I knew I couldn't count on him to deliver for me.

I can take care of myself. Still, I'm putting myself at risk if I do this too often.

David's not working, I don't think. Maybe he'll be up for some harmless fun.

The Best Laid Plans

It's really the best way to do things. How far I've come, to be able to have a conversation, let alone break bread with him.

The worst part is waiting.
All I want is to go home.

Does he think I'm a threat? Am I a threat?

I won't write a damned thing for him, but I won't write anything flami

"We could /race/."

This had better help him kick it for good.

A week of caffeine induced waves. I hope he realizes what I'm doing for him.

He probably doesn't. He probably won't.


'I'll clean the street with you. Just a warning.' (David, Rochelle)Collapse )

"Devil woman!"

He doesn't really think that. He can't.

I'm only doing it to help him I hate that I did thi I've done nothing devili

Everyone starts out as an asshole.

Everybody changes.

But we all stay assholes.


"For you, pretty."

OOC Note: Disregard the LJ icons! Jenny's hair is permanently pink now.

This is the sort of thing I missed while living in Indiana, as nice as it was.

Roxy is recovering. I will never let her even look at a damned bike again. We're going to have to stay longer though. I hate that this is why, but at least I had something newsworthy to write about today. I just hope Jameson considers it the same.

'I thought you meant there was a windchill or something!' (Trisha, Stan, Greg; GM Starscream)Collapse )

Time Square Iced Over - Dangerous Negligence or Playful Prank?Collapse )
I saw that boy, Chase, again in Central Park, this time in the cafe.

He's a nice kid, and he's got an interesting sounding group of friends. That's more than I had when I first got to New York. I gave him my information should they need anything, and did my best to make him feel comfortable and not threatened.

It's weird to see someone sort of where I was. Given, their situation is very different, but still. It's hard to be young and on your own, but I guess having friends that are there with you for every step make it easier.

Friends that are more like family; I know that concept all too well.


"Bit of a reporter in you, Scroggs."

I still have a job. Thank the fucking gods of whatever, I still have a job!

SCROGGS! (Jonah)Collapse )


(Backdated to March 23)

Roxy. Roxy. Roxy.

She was upset. I can't let anything happen to her because of me. She thinks she could have helped. I don't even want to think about what Huruma would have done to her.

I tried to tell her without saying it. My enemies aren't normal. I can deal with them, to a degree, but she can't be the one to save me. She just can't. I love Roxy too much to have her get hurt trying to help me.

Maybe this is why those anti-mutant activists and clergyman gripe about mixed relationships. Even if we aren't making babies, things are still tough.

I haven't seen Uriko, and I need to call work. I think I will try to go in Monday. After listening to those messages again, I think I might need one of those S.W.A.T. team sheilds.


Home at Last

Uriko and her bunny friend (who is not Frank... according to a Dream Boy) saved me. Huruma gets big and black... er.

I am still very sore. They took me back to Uriko's school, but I didn't see her or the bunny again before I left. The teachers (?) told me to get some rest at home.

My answering machine is full.

Message #1: Ms. Scroggs. Where are you? Jonah's in a tirade.... help!!!
Message #2: (Jonah Jameson's voice) Jenny! Where are you? Don't you know you're supposed to call in when you're not going to show up?! Call back!
Message #3: (Jonah Jameson's voice) Jenny? If you're there... pick up.




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